About the Red Mountain AVA Alliance


The Red Mountain AVA Alliance serves as a central contact point for public relations, marketing and regional issues.

The Alliance is a collaboration between the vineyards within the Red Mountain AVA, the wineries that produce extraordinary wine using grapes sourced from Red Mountain and the community partners that support us.


Board of Directors

Vineyard production less than 20 acres:     Brian Rudin

Vineyard production more than 20 acres:   JJ Williams      

Winery producing less than 5,000 cases: Tim Hightower

Winery producing between 5,000-15,000 cases: April Reddout 

Winery producing more than 15,000 cases:             Sarah Goedhart  

Resident within the AVA:                               Shae Frichette
Vice President

Members at Large:                                                       Jess Zander 

                                                                Katrina Cantu

                                        Amy Johnson